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seo practices

Staying Alive: New SEO Practices

seo practicesIn the past, search engines relied heavily on conventional and organic site matching to rank websites according to relevancy. Recent changes in search engine algorithms, though, integrated other factors such as maps, images, social media and videos into the equation. This now affects the way search engines serve their results.

Obviously, SEO has to keep up with these new leaps in search technology, and as search engines evolved, so did SEO techniques.

Here are some of the best practices of SEO experts.

Focus on Geo-Targeting

Why attempt breaking out globally in search engine results, when your clientele is within a specific region or country only? Geo-targeting allows SEO specialists to concentrate on a specific region where the client operates their business, such as using SEO to optimise Perth businesses.

The result is a more refined approach to search index results. SEO experts use citations, Google Places page optimisation and reviews to create a more refined result.


SEO specialists provide the correct business information on as many listings as possible. On the Internet, consistency is critical, and wrong or inconsistent information may hurt your chances of ranking better.

Google Places Optimisation

As in the website, new SEO trends now optimise the Google Places page, and include categories that will match exactly or point to a specific landing page.


While Google does display reviews that come from it, getting reviews from other sources help in optimising your online presence. The SEO specialist will write and publish reviews on other important sources to this effect.

Integration with Social Media

There is no doubt that social media increasingly play a major role in rankings. Social cues like Facebook likes and shares from Instagram or Twitter can heavily influence your relevancy and rank. SEO agencies will usually integrate social media to your overall SEO campaign.

Content is Crucial

One cannot achieve excellent site rankings without the right content posted. You cannot fool search engines with repetitive content that does not lead to anything. New algorithm updates are now capable of spotting paid as well as links to spam sites. SEO providers know this and will write the correct content helpful to your visitors and search engines.

Search technology constantly advance, and SEO devises new ways to utilise it to its fullest potential for its customers. It pays to stay abreast of developments in this field, even if you are not an SEO expert, to poise your business to take advantage of these new developments.

back pain

Back-Unbreaking Information for Back Pain

back painBack pain is one of the most, if not the most common kind of pain that 75-80% of people around the world suffer, either acutely or regularly. For some it is due to injury, and for others it is due to bone degeneration. People with unbearable pain undergo surgery to correct the problems, while some end up having chronic issues with no end in sight.

Loss of Productivity

As the back supports the body, whether sitting or standing, the loss of productivity because of back pain is intolerable. People with this condition find it impossible to sit down for long hours at the office, leading them to take prolonged absences. It is even a strain for health care resources, whether at the hospital’s expense, or the patient’s.

Prevents an Active Life

This kind of pain commonly afflicts the old, but even young people suffer their share. This prevents the latter from enjoying the activities they used to do. For the elderly, even getting dressed and playing with grandchildren can become an issue. Other activities like fishing and golf become impossible.

Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Since a cure for this pain is difficult, prevention is the key here. Minimize your risk by exercising regularly and adopting a good posture at all times – sitting, walking, jogging and sleeping. Avoid sitting or standing for prolonged periods.

Other things you can do include never lifting heavy loads and maintaining the right weight. Increased weight causes undue strain on the back. Eat a nutritious diet and avoid smoking. Finally, use a good mattress to support your back when sleeping.

For people who have back pain problems already, back pain clinics West Valley chiropractors practice incan treat these problems. You would learn exercises, such as swimming, to improve flexibility and muscle strength from them, aside from the treatments only they could prescribe.

As the old adage says, “prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This means leading a healthy lifestyle will stave away most of the risks of back pain. Still, for those who are susceptible – or already have dorsal discomforts – the first step to treatment is to consult a doctor.

engagement ring

Make Her an Offer That She Can’t Refuse: Proposals 101

engagement ringNormal proposals are during elegant dinner dates with the man trying to balance himself on his knees in front of the woman. He should also have an engagement ring designed to perfection.

Although this is the traditional style, you may feel that this is not creative enough. Most ladies dream of this day when her man would propose, and wish that it would be the perfect day of their lives, probably second only to a wedding. Women, unlike popular belief, are not as enamored by luxurious spending as they are by honesty and originality.

They Love Surprises notes that women like surprises and therefore proposing to her when she least expects it is also a good idea. An idea is to do a treasure hunt planned during an outdoor trip. The treasure at the end of the hunt can be your proposal in the form of a letter, a CD, or a hidden ring.

You can also come up with a creative proposal during a camping trip. For example, if the location is a picturesque one, then propose with the sunset in the horizon. This is very romantic, though not as original.

Other Locations

For men whose ladies are models or actresses, you can propose during a fashion show or an awards function. You can do this on stage with the whole world as a witness, if you think both of you are comfortable with this style.

Proposing during sports events is also very creative. You can either broadcast over the loudspeaker, or display your message on the big screen with some inside help.

More Romantic Ways

You can get a book of romantic poetry and create a cavity in it to place the ring. You can also propose through your lady’s favorite television or radio program with the help of the DJ. A safer route is to propose during a large family gathering.

Proposals get the lady’s romantic juices flowing. With some creative thinking and a good engagement ring – preferably customized to mean something to both of you – making her say yes is easier.

plaster board

The Seal of GECA

plaster boardNobody takes environmentalism as seriously as Aussies do; political platforms must include preserving the natural resources, or face the wrath of the voting public. Likewise, having a seal of environmental approval is a golden stamp that boosts a product’s credibility over the competition. This is the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).

GECA Influence

What’s GECA, and how does it help businesses get a leg-up on their competitors? Technically, they simply certify products and services that handle sustainability issues in an efficient and sophisticated way. They play an essential role in facilitating information to consumers on which products and services meet the modern standards of product sustainability and reduce the overall impact to the environment.

They review everything, from plasterboards to paint; their seal is as good as gold, because of the fair and transparent way they judge the products that come across their desks. But, if they have such a variety of products to go through, what kind of system do they use to accommodate them all?

GECA Secrets

The secret to GECAs reach in being able to judge the sustainability of a product is simple enough. The dangers of an industry specific product are well documented; all GECA has to do is measure the levels of toxins and hazards those products give off, and then assess if its use can cause significant damage to the eco-system. But, how can consumers trust that GECA acts in good faith, and really does approve the people that deserve it?

GECA is an independent non-profit organisation, which means it has no formal ties with any of the companies represented by the products that they work on. In addition, they encourage their consumers to challenge their findings on if a product deserves the seal they give. This kind of willing transparency inspires trust in the name and the seal that represents their work.


Sanitary Bin Services: Keeping Your Bathrooms Clean and Hygienic

All types of offices can benefit from Bathroomsanitary bin services. After all, no one wants to use a toilet that is dirty, foul smelling and unsanitary.  Not only are they uncomfortable, but they also pose health threats.

To ensure the health and hygiene of your employees, trust in the expertise of professionals, such as Cleanpro, in terms of washroom hygiene.

 Germs and Bacteria

The bathroom is an absolute treasure trove of bacteria.  They thrive in this environment because the conditions are right.  Any person who uses the toilet has the potential for transmitting germs to other people when they forget to wash their hands. So, it is adequate that a toilet in the workplace has all the amenities in place to ensure safe and sanitary use. Sanitary bins services can do exactly that.

Scope of Services Offered
  • Bacteria Elimination – Cleaning experts can provide your establishment with wipes, anti-bacterial hand gels and hand sanitisers to make sure your workplace or establishment remains clean. This also minimises the transmission of harmful bacteria.
  • Soap Dispensers – All toilets should have soap dispensers in place, so both your employees and visitors can wash their hands properly after they have used the toilet. Moreover, soap dispensers are considered to be the most hygienic among the lot because they do not have contact with the unit and the soap is dispensed via a nozzle directly to the hands of the user. Also, by featuring a one way valve, the bacteria won’t go back to the dispenser, preventing any hint of cross contamination.
Sanitisers for the Urinals

The great thing about urinal sanitisers is that they can release chemicals to breakdown the buildup of lime scale and uric salts.  This greatly reduces the foul smell of urine coming from toilets or from the urinal unit.

Sanitary Bins

These units are used for the controlled containment of any form of waste material that has bacteria and other harmful germs.  They also serve to minimise the mess and allow for organised waste disposal.

health insurance

Top 3 Health Insurance Providers for Hong Kong Locals

health insuranceWhether you’re a local or a foreigner living in Hong Kong for an extended time, you need the ideal health care option. The Wall Street Journal reports that while the public healthcare system offers coverage to anyone with an HK identification card, it’s still best that you apply for private insurance to help ease the public system and receive comprehensive care.

Large private insurance intermediaries like Pacific Prime Hong Kong work in partnership with well-known insurance companies. They’ve listed some insurers that you can trust:

AXA PPP Healthcare

Founded in London in 1938, the company aims to provide cost-efficient health insurance to middle wage earners. They have a 24-hour helpline that offers medical knowledge to anybody who has concerns about their health and insurance. They won the Best IPMI Provider 2012 Award and Best International Private Medical Insurance Provider, making them one of the most proficient companies in the world.

Bupa (Asia) Limited

Bupa is among the leading companies in the health insurance industry. Established in the UK in 1947, it has been serving 14 million customers and providing healthcare to more than 190 countries. In 1976, the company formed Bupa Asia in Hong Kong as part of their worldwide branches.

From guaranteed lifetime renewal to direct billing, they have established one of the largest medical networks in Asia. An annual report by the Hong Kong Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) mentions that Bupa Asia is one of the top 10 insurers in 2011.

MSIG (Hong Kong)

This locally compliant insurance provider has been providing the health needs of Hong Kong residents for more than 150 years. They offer medical, motor, personal, travel, property, and many more insurance policies. They have an A.M. Best Company rating of A+ (Financial Strength) and Standard and Poor’s rating of A+, making them a stable and secure company.

These are only some of the leading health insurance companies operating in Hong Kong. When consulting with an intermediary, make sure to ask for the most reliable option for your needs.

used cars

5 Things to Check When Buying a Used Car

used carsHave you fixed your finances and figured out it’s time to save yourself from enduring the horrible daily commute? Have you finally saved enough money to get a used car?

Here’s a list of factors you need to consider if a trip to the local dealership is in order:


The first thing you need to do is check if the car fits your budget. Do you have enough for a sedan or sports utility vehicle (SUV)? Are you a fan of a particular manufacturer? Would you be better off if you chose a cheaper yet better performing car? You need to visit established car dealerships in Arkansas or whichever state you currently live in.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy determines the amount of fuel a car consumes and the distance it can travel. How many miles to a gallon? With today’s expensive fuel costs, it’s best to calculate the mileage for your chosen vehicle. This will also affect air pollution in your locale. Better fuel efficiency helps maintain a clean environment.


Will you be the only person using your car? Will it be for you and your significant other, or for your entire family? If you are the outdoor adventurer type, you may also want to look for a car with large cargo space for all your camping or fishing equipment.

Safety Features

If you are aiming for a brand new car, chances are it is already built with the latest in vehicle safety technology. Today’s cars are equipped with electronic stability control, speed-limiting devices, and smart seatbelt reminder. You can even ask for cars with lane-keeping technology. You may also discuss other advanced options like active headlights, automatic braking, or type-pressure monitoring systems.

Maintenance Costs

Always remember that maintenance and expenses do not stop after you drive off the lot. Unless you are an extremely careful driver, you will need to have your car checked every few years or so to ensure that every part is functioning as it should. Learn about wheel alignment, change your engine oil, and check the electrical parts to maintain safety.

These are the five most important considerations, especially when getting a used car. Always think about the long-term to ensure that you get a vehicle that is worth it.