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Property Trusts

Setting Up an Unlisted Property Trust

Property TrustsAn unlisted property trust deals with a person’s property or properties through a written document that creates the concept of the trust itself. An unlisted property trust often, or usually, does not need formal registration like a will, but administers all the wishes of the property holder upon his demise.

Recent rules made by the government have rendered property trusts somewhat incapable of refinancing their short-term debts. More notably, refinancing done by foreign lenders, plagued with their own problems is also on the lower side.

The Sentinel Property Group lists additional information about unlisted property trusts.

Fair Valuations

Numerous unlisted property trusts have decided not to encourage investor redemptions on the principle that once someone buys a property, they would not generate the ‘fair’ value of those properties that the trust holds. Unlisted trusts stick to fair valuations with the hope that the situation improves over time to enable sales at prices that are somewhat closer to their respective book values.

In other words, such trusts are optimistic about the valuations that they themselves make.

Unlisted Trust Agreement

The legal agreement that binds the functioning of the trust is the most important document.

A lawyer who concentrates on such cases usually drafts an unlisted trust agreement. This comprises clear clauses and directions on how the trust will function. It will have a board of trustees who will execute their respective duties as specified in the trust agreement, to dispense of or to make suitable use of all properties. These may include both residential and commercial properties.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the main executor of such trusts and the responsibility of running the Trust successfully lies fully on them. Similarly, they are accountable to the law and to the original owner of all properties if there is any mismanagement or fraud involved in running the trust.

baby crawl playpen

Factors That Affect Brain Development in Toddlers

baby crawl playpenWhen it comes to the development of the brain of a toddler, the rule of thumb is that it is guided by not only genes, but more importantly how the brain responds to stimuli. Good brain development in early childhood consists of the formation of complex neural connections. Nutrition, degree of physical activity, trauma, mental stimulation and stress can have long-standing effects, especially during this phase of development.


Toddlers will fall behind developmental milestones if they do not get the right nutrition that stimulates growth and development. As a mother, you consistently try to offer optimal sources of nutrition but you can really take this a step further by providing other choices regularly.

Healthy eating should start at an early age, like in the toddler phase, so your child will not lack the right nutrients needed for complete development of the brain.

Mental and Physical Stimulation

Experiences that involve the senses can help the brain to develop normally. Physical activities like rolling a ball or reading a story can be very beneficial. When kids hear stories and songs regularly, then these assist in wiring the brain that fosters structure for learning.

Verbal exercises like singing and reading are not only fun, but also produce a positive effect on the developing brain, says Creative activities such as drawing and painting help stimulate the brain, as well as develop cognitive function that will have a major impact later on in life.


Sleep during nap times and at night is crucial to the growth and development of the toddler. Toddlers require 12 to 14 hours of sleep in a twenty-four hour period. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep can contribute to correct height and weight development.

Toddlers have one of the most rapid mental developments in the stages of human life, so you should take care to give them all that they need in this phase.

Internet Tourism

Queensland Tourism in the Age of Internet and Social Media

Internet TourismIt’s no secret how the Internet and social media have significantly changed the way people plan their travels — from booking of flights to finding the best travel destination and accommodation deals online. With just a simple Google search or checking of hashtags in Instagram or Twitter, people who are planning either budget or luxury trips can easily access information from actual travellers. And Queensland is taking advantage of this change to boost the tourism industry.

Queensland and Room 753

Tourism and Events Queensland launched the tourism campaign called “Room 753”. The campaign tapped world-renowned social media specialists to promote travel destinations in Queensland. These people are famous bloggers, Instagram users, and videographers with a wide following of travel enthusiasts. It looks like the government has seen how digitally influencing travellers can boost the travel industry of the state.

An Opportunity for the Business-Minded

The Internet and the boom of social media opened doors not just for travellers, but also for businessmen. Given the new nature of travelling in this new age, investors can now simply look for a perfect destination for travellers. Resort Brokers Australia suggests looking for resorts, hotels, or motels for sale in Queensland to invest in by just using the reviews of travellers on the Internet.

The Power of the ‘Click’

With a click away, experienced travellers — and even those who are travel novices — can plan their trip without contacting a travel agent. In fact, according to recent claims, the need for  travel agencies significantly dropped — they are actually ‘dying’. This has been brought about by the rise of the Internet and online booking websites, as well as the social media.

For example, one can simply type “top destinations in Queensland” and you can easily sift through a long list of travel blogs and booking sites which promote the most-visited places in Queensland. You can also look for hotel reviews and destinations in Queensland based from actual experiences of travellers.

There was a time when travelling was viewed as a luxury. But nowadays, people seem to look at it more as a need, as an important aspect of today’s culture. The Internet made it easier for a lot of people, and it is truly a good thing to explore.

commercial painter

Criteria for a Commercial Painting Company

commercial painterChoosing a good commercial painting company is nearly as important as picking the right paint. These firms employ commercial contractors have the necessary qualifications to handle complex painting jobs. You need to be clear about the kind of work you need done, as this will go a long way in selecting the suitable professional.

Shortlisting Painters

Talk to family and friends to help you find painting contractors. Check the Internet as well, because the best professionals take the time and extra expense to list their services there. On their websites, you can look up the services they offer, check their costs and compare them against other painting companies before shortlisting a couple of them.

Good Workmanship is Crucial

Even if you buy the most expensive of paints, if you do not pick the right contractor, you will end up with sloppy paint jobs. You would have drips, messy corners, bad surface preparation and messy coats. Barker-Whittle notes that it is important to look at their earlier work, and ask if they offer a warranty as well.

Check References

Talk to shortlisted contractors and ask for references. You can contact references and even look at their previous jobs to get a clear picture. The best recommendations usually come from satisfied customers. Ask them about the contractors’ general attitude, punctuality and rates.

While talking to previous clients, you can get all your queries answered. This will help you understand your contractor better. Ensure that they have all the necessary licences and insurance coverage necessary for the job.

Communicate Clearly

Explain clearly what kind of work you need. Clear communication of your expectations and ideas is very important. Unclear instructions will make even the best of contractors unable to fulfil your demands.

Finally get everything written down in the contract, including the time and payment schedules, and read it before you sign it.

Painters are secondary compared to the paints, but the proper application of paint is just as important as the paint itself. To ensure great workmanship and uncompromising attitude, hire the best painting contractors that you can find.


Bring on the Bison: Buying the Best Meat Online

meatBison meat has long been a great and delicious alternative to beef. It is a meat that more families are starting to take notice of, given the lot of benefits associated with it. Compared to beef, bison meat has less fat, calories, and cholesterol. This is the biggest reason behind the growing demand for bison meat in homes across the country.

The good news is that you can buy bison meat online today from companies like Dakota Trails Beef Company. The convenience of buying your meats via the Internet is incomparable. If you plan to purchase bison meat online, here are a few tips to make the best buy:


Internet shopping is a growing trend, so trust that there will be more choices than you think for websites that carry bison meat and other such products. Be smart and do some prior research for assurance of a better quality product.

When searching through the Internet, make sure to read through the customer reviews for insights on the reputation of a particular store. Another good way to gauge the reliability of the online store is through the openness of the retailer when it comes to answering where it sources the meat from and how they preserve it.

Organic Meat

Meat from animals that have been raised organically is the best choice. Check to see if you are purchasing from a butcher that makes sure animals are grass fed, not given hormones and antibiotics. Check if the herd is tended to in a natural environment as well.

Packing and Shipping

Remember that bison meat is just as perishable as other meats. To retain its tenderness, it is best to choose an online shop that ships meats in a vacuum package and in frozen condition. This will be better than having the fresh meat delivered.

Of course, customer service is an important factor when choosing an online bison meat seller. Choose a seller known for their customer service and rest assured that you will be happy with the price you pay for the product, even if bison meat costs a bit more than beef.

keynote speaker

Don’t Bore Your Employees: Making Your Next Conference More Effective

keynote speakerThink about the last company conference you had. Was it filled with meaningful discussions and eager responses… or yawns and sweetly sleeping employees?

Conferences are a great opportunity to empower employees, share your vision, and plan the next steps to take for business. These benefits, however, are difficult to attain because most conferences are, well, boring. Boredom during a conference means whatever was discussed is unlikely to have a lasting effect on employees, thus a waste of money.

An effective conference is exciting and memorable, compelling employees to take action. Follow these tips and make your next conference insanely meaningful:

1. Choose the right speakers.

Speakers can make or break a conference. This is why it is important to not just settle on a good keynote speaker, but to choose a great one. Make sure that your speakers are experts on whatever topics will be discussed. Experts from say it’s also crucial that speakers have the natural ability to connect with the audience by relating relevant and specific experiences. Remember, you want a speaker who will compel people to do better, be more innovative, and lead responsibly.

2. Prioritize the value of human contact.

Keep in mind that people need the intimacy of human contact. They want to mingle with each other, talk in person, and engage. Make sure to provide opportunities for employees to relate with other participating in the conference.Perhaps you can allot a short time after each topic for attendees to talk about the topics discussed.

3. Encourage speakers to mingle with participants.

When conference attendees get the chance to meet with speakers (or with celebrities, in the off chance that you are inviting one), the impact of the conference is lasting. Invite speakers to take part in meals or mingle during breaks. With this, attendees get the opportunity to ask questions directly. Speakers can offer additional insights and this adds to employee knowledge, thus inspiring and empowering them.

Don’t let your next conference be boring. Plan a conference that will create a lasting impression on employees.

party planning

Party Planning Done Right: Finding a Venue That Suits the Mood of Your Event

party planningThe events you organise will reflect your personality and the mood you plan to set on the day of the celebration. This is true whether you’re organising formal corporate events, family get-togethers or other special celebrations. This also makes the event more unique.

Key Elements of a Celebration

The success of any event is largely dependent on many factors, such as the food, drinks, party venue, ambience, music and the hospitality displayed by the hosts. These should be planned properly to avoid last-minute problems. Create a list, so you can check whether everything has been prepared.

Location: The Most Important Element

One of the most important factors is the selection of the location. According to The Alliance Hotel, some places have limitations when it comes to the number of guests you can invite and the decorations you can use. So, be aware of these details before you make your final choice.

Here are some important factors you have to keep in mind when choosing the right location:

  • The place should be easy to locate, especially if you have guests from far places. It should make everyone will feel welcome, comfortable and safe.
  • The size of the place should be large enough to comfortably host all the attendees. If it is a corporate event, then wide open places should be preferred to encourage socialising.
  • If it is a cosy family gathering, then something more compact should be chosen. You can cleverly use movable screens, walls and curtains to set the right mood among family and friends.
  • Make sure that the PA systems, the microphones, the lighting and other such elements are functioning properly.

Short list a couple of places and if possible, visit each one before you finalise your choice. Make another visit a day before the event to make sure everything is in order.

asset planning

Asset Management Planning – Strategies & Techniques

asset planningFor businesses to succeed in today’s competitive world, it is not enough for them to monetary returns; this will not hold them in good stead for long. Instead, they need to have a comprehensive asset management plan and tracking process in place to stay in the business. This will help them access data so they can make informed decisions regarding their equipment and inventory – leading to improved efficiency and cost cutting.

Useful Techniques

Efficient tracking mechanisms for equipment and inventory of spare parts are equally important. These vital factors forecast customer service success and internal production efficiency. This kind of strategy and planning are helpful to all kinds of businesses.

Asset management planning optimizes the use of their resources and thus increases productivity. They can also stick to their annual budget and increase savings for the company.


This also helps them manage their ownership and other financial details besides their hardware and the technological resources of the company. With proper strategy in place, businesses can lower their expenses and get a better return on inventory investments.

This helps manage resources right from purchasing to delivery, as it is possible to get a clear idea of the inventory at any point of time. This software can manage various licences and upgrades easily.

How Does It Work?

With a good working strategy in place, the relevant tools will help your business leverage all the information to organise and utilise its resources better. With a clear idea of the extent of resources available at any point of time, you can plan appropriately. They also help with the maintaining and monitoring of the various equipment.

This includes cataloguing, identifying, operating, replacing and upgrading the physical resources of the business. They can help the business take effective short- and long-term decisions based on the data provided.

Although software solutions to manage the resources efficiently are available, for a good strategy to work, it requires a level of business process as well. This process consists of the data from assets, up-to-date technology, and the most important asset of all – employees.

selling home

Smart Selling: How to Get the Best Value For Your Home

selling homeWhen you have a home for sale, you will probably feel anxious and nervous. But, with a proper strategy in place, you can be assured that you can get the best value for your home. Like all other sales strategies, you need to start by making smart marketing choices, so that buyers will be willing to pay the price you are quoting for your property.

Consult Your Estate Agent

Consult real estate experts and make sure that the house is well showcased and priced competitively. There are three factors that will determine how quickly your home will be sold. First is the location, which may be out of your control. The second and third are the condition and price. While the condition cannot overcome wrong pricing, the correct pricing can set the bad condition straight.

Act Quickly

Time is money in the real estate sector. The best possible price you will get for your house is what you will get for it now. Even if you wait for a day longer, the price will be much lower. Normally, if you go by the price your agents recommend, you will sell the house faster. So, be quick and act fast to get the best price for your property.

Make Realistic Comparisons

Keep your focus on the market now and where it is headed from here. If you worry about what your neighbor got for his house six months ago, then it really does not make sense. You should concentrate on the present and realize that your house is competing with a dozen others across the town. According to The Real Estate Group, consulting a local property agent, who will have all the necessary information, will help you fix the price accurately.

Finally, make sure you work with the market and not pit yourself against it. This is the best way to successfully sell your house for the best price possible.


Rehab Angels: Responsibilities of a Substance Abuse Counselor

counselingWhen you or a loved one checks into a rehab center, there will be some professionals there to help you out. A substance abuse counselor is one such individual. They play a very important role in the de-addiction process, and help addicts come to terms with their situation.

Renaissance Ranch outlines a few things why these counselors are instrumental in treating addiction.

Who are They?

These people have professional certification and training to handle substance addicts with various emotional and mental health issues. It is not enough that the patient overcomes the addiction; if the reason or the situation that originally pushed them to depend on drugs or alcohol still exists, then chances of relapse is still high.

So these therapists talk to patients and help them handle the causes in a more mature and rational manner. Thus, they make the treatment more holistic, effective and long lasting.

How Do They Help?

These people hold daily counseling and therapy sessions for the patients and urge them to talk about their various problems. They also encourage group therapies so that the patients benefit in many ways. The patients can talk to each other and share their feelings. Since all of them have similar issues, they can understand each other and help one another.

Why are They Necessary?

A good therapist is primarily for people suffering from addiction. A doctor can handle the medical angle and help the patient recover physically and physiologically, but only a therapist can help them recover completely mentally.

Patients feel at ease with professionals, and they feel free to talk to them as well to discuss their issues. Counselors give support to the patients and keep them motivated enough to stay away from drugs or alcohol. They make use of various tools to help patients recover completely.

In fact, it also helps to speak to such professionals before checking into a rehab center. They can help the patients realize that they have an addiction problem and that they need professional help.

Rehab centers and counselors are an essential part of crushing the dependence on substance abuse and alcohol. This just lends credence to the fact that sometimes you do not need medicine – you just need someone to listen to you.